Heart Health & Cleanmarine for Men

Your heart is a pretty powerful organ responsible for beating a constant rhythm - day and night - with out interruption, for the rest of your life. Your heart muscles don’t get the luxury of rest or recovery they are expected to keep going no matter what which is why they need looking after. There are several factors that can put your heart under a great deal of stress and strain – infection, dehydration, high cholesterol, raised triglycerides and smoking.

Non-stop muscle power

So why does your heart beat? Well it’s the sound made as the muscles contract and values within different zones of the heart open and close appropriately so that blood rushes into special chambers and is then pumped out with enough force to generate enough pressure to maintain the right speed and flow of blood throughout your arteries, veins and capillaries. This constant flow of blood around your body ensures that nutrients and oxygen are delivered to all your body cells and waste products and carbon dioxide are collected from cells, keeping all the corners of your body well-fed, energised, healthy and clean.

Cleanmarine for men

Understanding blood fats

It’s important to know that your heart muscles have to work extra hard if your blood has become too thick and too sticky. In this situation it’s like pushing treacle around your body and your blood pressure increases as a result of your heart having to work harder. There are certain forms of cholesterol and blood fats that are known to make your blood sticky and thick and these include LDL cholesterol and a group of fats called triglycerides. Cutting back on foods that are high in saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and sugar while also reducing the amount of alcohol you drink and finding ways to deal with stress are all good methods for regaining the right blood fat and cholesterol balance.

Omega-3 for a healthy heart

One way to quickly reverse your blood fats and cholesterol out of the troublesome zone is to supplement with omega-3.

Studies have shown that krill oil, rich in omega-3, gets into your blood stream and has an effect on your red blood cells quicker than fish oil. This faster absorption delivers a couple of healthy heart benefits. A study involving 120 people taking 1g of Krill Oil or 3g of fish oil for 90 days revealed some interesting results:

> LDL cholesterol was reduced by 32% for the krill oil group and just 5% for the fish oil group
> Triglycerides dropped by 11% with krill oil and just 3% with fish oils
> 'Good’ HDL cholesterol increased by 44% with krill oil and just 4% with fish oil

Demonstrating that krill oil really does outperform fish oils when it comes to heart health.

Ultimate support

Heart health isn’t just about blood fats.If you are worried about your heart then it’s also worth supplementing a few key nutrients that actually help support the function of heart cells which have a high power and energy demand.

Nutrients such as CoQ10, B-vitamins and the mineral selenium are all vital ingredients to keep heart cells highly charged, highly active and unstoppable! Cleanmarine for Men contains all of these nutrients wrapped up with krill oil for the ultimate heart health support.

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