Aker BioMarine is a Norwegian fishing and biotech company providing Cleanmarine with krill products through a fully documented and secured catch and process chain. Today, their core business revolves around harvesting and production of krill-based products.

They develop the ingredients produced from sustainably harvested and traceable Antarctic krill to the animal and fish feed, food, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

Aker Biomarine Krill


Utilising environmentally-friendly krill harvesting technology (Eco-Harvesting®) allows them to maintain the nutritional integrity of the krill and minimize environmental impact.

Camiel Derichs, Regional Director at the Marine Stewardship Council said: “The Aker BioMarine Antarctic krill fishery has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to ensuring the sustainability of its fishing practices. Its precautionary approach to catch levels, investments in science and actions to reduce bycatch mean that it is now one of the best performing fisheries in the MSC program. Passing reassessment with no conditions or reconditions is testament to this.”

This enables them to bring high quality products to market containing a high content of bioactive ingredients, e.g. phospholipids, omega-3s and astaxanthin, which have documented health benefits in both humans and animals.